Alma Venisee

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DONATIONS:  We appreciate the generous support we receive to assist us in serving our communities. If you are interested in donating to IOY or the Girls Elite program specifically, please contact us today.

COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT:  Investing in Our Youth looks forward to joining efforts to support families in North Florida. If you are interested in having us join your local event, please contact us today.

ENROLLMENT:  We accept youth year round. Once a youth enters the program he/she is a permanent member of IOY until high school graduation. Acceptance criteria includes one or more of the following:

1) failing in school;
2) poor school attendances;
3) referred from schools, court, law enforcement, family or self;
4) must be between 3rd and 12th grade;
5) low income family;
6) live in a high crime neighborhood. Regardless of the program youth are enrolled into, they all benefit from IOY’s “program activities.”