Students visit a local bank to learn about the math in money management and the importance of investing in themselves.


IOY students learn about computers, cameras and other technology that may spark their interest about tech careers.


Ms. Chatham shares with students how to find the fun in science using everyday materials in a safe environment.


Students learn how to document each step of the scientific experiment process.They also learn how developing math skills can assist in their science exploration.


IOY students learn to work together in groups to accomplish their goals. Each student has plays a role in the experiement.


Students also learn leadership skills. The IOY staff works to incorporate all of the objectives of the 21st Century Program.

Community Health Walk 2013


Ms. Chatham leads off with signing the smoke free pledge. Students and parents learned about the dangers of smoking. Ms. C. has been smoke free for 22 years!


IOY's Executive Director shares with the community the goals and efforts of the 21st Century afterschool program. These goals can be found on our "More About Us" page.


Ms. Dennard shows the young ladies how it's done by joining in the Health Walk with families in the community. Parents, learn how you can help your child achieve success HERE.


Ms. Chatham and Murphy are all smiles as they prepare for a day of Empowerment and Education. These ladies work very hard to prepare the bright young minds of IOY's 21st Century Program.


Safety Day 2012

The Sheriff's Dept. shared with students the importance of staying alert during the holidays and being sure to choose friends who make positive decisions.

Student shares with Youth and Families about how attending IOY has helped with her social skills and improving school performance.

Students learned about fire safety and the dangers of floor heaters, unattended stoves and more. Also, a very lively discussion of heat and temperatures stirred their interest.

IOY student learning how water can put out fires, depending on the temperature, the force and volume.

Parents, volunteers and community residents also learned how to keep youth safe and secure.

The Holiday event was sponsored in part by Florida Dept. of Education, Sheriff's Dept, and donations from the community. Thanks!


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