IOY's Girls Elite Program

Enriching lives through empowering the mind, body, & soul


GIRLS Elite is a multi-faceted girl preparation and empowerment organization. It focuses on preparing girls beginning at age 9 with the tools needed to become successful personally, emotionally, academically, and socially.

GIRLS Elite believes that when given the skills to tackle the problems girls face in their everyday lives they will overcome obstacles, put forth great effort and become the socially responsible, culturally conscious adults that we all strive to be.

To empower our community through educational and mentoring programs, dance exercise classes, workshops and demonstrations, plus community events and more.
We utilize research-based informal education programs that encourage girls to take risks and master physical, intellectual and emotional challenges. Major programs address math and reading education, pregnancy and drug abuse prevention, media literacy, economic literacy, adolescent health, violence prevention, and sports participation.


The program is undergirded by 4 comprehensive cornerstones:


Self esteem, self respect, balance of emotions, physical and mental health, spirituality, self preservation, abstinence

Communications, respecting authority, understanding the importance of relationships

Goal setting, homework assistance, career choices, math, science, career preparation, technology

Volunteering, cultural competence, giving back, civic duties, mentoring, environment awareness, social responsibility



Girls Elite visited the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity. Girls Elite helps them discover that avoiding risky behaviors and focusing on the future can lead to more job opportunities.


These young Girls Elite girls performed a modern dance for an excited and supportive community audience.

Girls also learned about cultural history and textile making at the Gadsden Arts Center.


Girls Elite visits a local courthouse to learn about civic duties from Judge Kathy Garner and to ask questions about the legal profession.

Girls Elite participants also learn social responsibility from mentoring female police officers.


Girls Elite also received training on community volunteering options at the Quincy Music Theater. The girls have developed social skills by volunteering as ushers, hostesses,  and hospitality crew for some of the theater’s major productions.

They also learned abouy the STEM related positions common in live productions.


Visit IOY's PHOTO GALLERY PAGE for photos of Girls Elite conducting science experiments, participating in health walks and more!



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