Whether you are a great dancer, or you have two left feet...
you will LOVE our Fit For Life method of working out.


Shedding those unwanted pounds with little effort and lots of fun. We want to fight against heart dieases, diabets, hypertension and other health issues that are rampant in our community.

Exercise is necessary to keep our bodies healthy. In FFL dance fitness classes, we provide health and fitness assistance through low and high-impact dance aerobics and line dancing to induce a fun cardio workout.




Girls Elite's
FIT for Life Campaign Against Obesity

Investing in Our Youth-IOY will host its first ever FIT for Life Obesity Campaign to curtail obesity in children and adults of all ages. This multifaceted program targets obesity using a Fun, Inspiring, Team-oriented (FIT) approach through music, informational classes on nutrition, and personal coaches. The FIT campaign offers an engaging method of exercising without the labor of intensive workouts like going to the gym but with the same qualifying results. “Our method of choice to target overweight issues in a fun way is through music and dance,” said lead Flirty Girl Instructor and IOY Director, Alma Venisee.

“Exercise markets in major metropolitan cities use a format of line-dancing to today’s music infused with hits from our favorite eras to engage participants and keep them interested in exercising,” Venisee added. These unconventional formats have been instrumental in thousands of people shedding the unwanted pounds with little effort and lots of fun. “It doesn’t seem like a workout at all and the time passes quickly because you’re amongst friends and simply dancing your worries and pounds away,” Venisee shared.

FIT for Life joins Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign to end childhood and adult obesity. Research indicates that 15% of American children aged 6-19 have a body weight that is 20% higher than the advised weight range suggested for a child of their height. Venisee stated the myths of obesity being baby fat or a childhood stage a child will grow out of must be dispelled. Obesity is a serious medical condition and threat to the physical, emotional, and social development of entire generations. Strong measures must be taken to combat the damage obesity can cause in the lives of our children and even extended the lives of their parents. Ailments that generally affect people struggling to maintain a healthy weight include chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease, especially in African-Americans.


Currently, our weekly Sessions are only held for Girls Elite members and parents.
600 South Adams Street in Quincy, Florida

Girls Elite Club meets Fridays from 3-7 p.m.

For additional information, questions, and/or to enroll...
Call Alma Venisee at 850-570-2003 or email almavenisee@aol.com