Whether you are a great dancer, or you have two left feet...
you will LOVE our Fit For Life method of working out.



Shedding those unwanted pounds with little effort and lots of fun. We want to fight against heart dieases, diabets, hypertension and other health issues that are rampant in our community.

Exercise is necessary to keep our bodies healthy. In FFL dance fitness classes, we provide health and fitness assistance through low and high-impact dance aerobics and line dancing to induce a fun cardio workout.







"Sunshine Dawn" - Miami/Chicago
Actress, Dance Choreographer, Instructor


Profile: Petite Lady with a Powerful Punch

Dawn Pryor taught dance and exercise at the Field Crest Perfroming Arts Center in Chicago. She also loves producing stage plays and has martial arts experience.

At FFL, Dawn mostly enjoys teaching tap and hiphop areobics on Mondays and Thursdays, plus creating fun dance routines.


"Ms. Carmita" - Miami/Tallahassee
Singer, Dance Choreographer, Event Host/Speaker


Profile: Cool Chick with the Slick Style

In her spare time, Ms. Carmita has volunteered by coaching sports teams and dance squads, filming games and events, and creating live musical productions for many years.

At FFL, she mostly enjoys teaching fun line dances and creating new latin jazz routines. She is Certified in CPR and First Aid.




Currently, our weekly Sessions are only held for Girls Elite members an their parents.
600 South Adams Street in Quincy, Florida

Girls Elite Club meets Fridays from 3-7 p.m.

For additional information, questions, and/or to enroll...
Call Alma Venisee at 850-570-2003 or email almavenisee@aol.com